1. All Kinds Of Screens Specifications
  2. Level Screens Specifications
  3. Hexagonal Screens Specifications
  4. Octagonal Screens & Twelve Angle Screens Specifications
  5. Cast Iron Milling Roller & Screw Iron Roller


1. The quality of our screens already reach the standard of Japan and West Germany as they are made of high quality steel plate with high technique.
2. Energy and power can be saved by using these screens in various different rice polishing machines.
3. Our screens can produce more polished white rice and less broken rice.
4. The screens are heat-treated, and it's strength of hardness already reaches international standard, so they are deform-free, abrasion-proof and durable.
5. The screens shown in this catalog are the most popular selling items. We also accept customers' drawings or samples for their own specifications (custom made).