Machinery\ Auto Paddy Separator

Mod: ASL-20    ASL-24

  1. Designed and built sturdily in all-metal construction for longer period of use, guarantees a highly stable and smooth iperation at all times.
  2. Completely free from the troublesome adjustment ascribable to the differences in variety, shape, size and moisture of rice grains, therefore, no operational skill or professional knowledge is absolutely required.
  3. Capable of constant separation regardless of difference or change in grain conditions and therefore, most suitable for constant operation, and the pre-classification of grains ahead of separation is practically dispensable in any cases.
  4. Can be installed into any small, medium-sized or large rice mills, thanks to its compact size,and is also operative most economically on comparatively smallest horsepower.

The Paddy Separator Model ASL is a compactly built "Double-Unit" Paddy Separator of amazingly high capacity and performance, consisting of two similar blocks of separating tables symmetrically oscillating sideways for a reliable separation of brown rice from paddy. Each oscillating block accmmodates ten pieces of separating tables which posses a rough surface, slightly slanting front wad and drivable by means of a special "SYMMETRIC-DRIVE " cam equipment that shakes two separating blocks symmetrically at the fixed constant speed.


Model Capacity / hr,in Brown Rice Req'd Power Motor Revolutions Main Pulley Main Belting Overall Dimensions Export Packing
Short Grain Long Grain V-type V Height Width Length N.W. G.W. Vol.
kg kg hp rpm mm pcs. mm mm mm kg kg cft.
ASL-24 2700-3400 2600-3200 2 315-320 228 x B-1 B-type x 1 1785 1540 1990 840 1046 145
ASL-20 2500-3000 2000-2600 2 315-320 228-B-2 B-type x 2 1715 1540 1895 800 925 135